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GJ Club


Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12

Rated: PG

Shinomiya Kyouya is forced to become a new member of the mysterious club GJ, where he meets 4 strange girls each complete witht heir own unique personalities.


# 1 I am the GJ Club!
# 2 Friendship, Love, Her Abnormality?
# 3 Kyoro on the GJ String
# 4 After School’s Cultural Festival Party
# 5 Double Fantasy
# 6 Four Little Sisters Enter!?
# 7 A New Club Member Appears!
# 8 Sister Attack
# 9 Kyoro, Borderline GJ: Rebirth
# 10 An Autumn of Art, Appetites, and Attacks
# 11 Canceled Agreements
# 12 Our Farewells to the GJ Club


Shinomiya Kouya

The sole male member of the GJ club after being kidnapped by the girls. Kind and courteous and also the target for the girls' teasing.

Amatsuka Mao

The club president and Megumi's older sister. A small girl who has a habit of picking on Kyouya, and is often immature and impatient.

Amatsuka Megumi

Mao's younger sister and is a matured, patient, and refined girl unlike her sister, and has a talent for knitting and baking.

Kirara Bernstein

A tall girl with blonde hair shaped into cat ears, she is always seen eating meat and is very possessive of it. She has a fear of spiders and can talk to cats, and is also physically strong, always being used to carry out physical tasks.

Sumeragi Shion

A recognised genius from a family of geniuses, however she lacks common sense. As the sole daughter in her family, she likes to act as an older sister to others.

Kannazuki Tamaki

A first-year who was abducted to join the club like Kyouya, Tamaki loves cake and agreed to be part of the club if she could have all the cake she could eat. Always carries a camera with her and she can easily hide it.


Artists Opening
"Mousou_Koukan Nikki" by Otome Shinto

Artists Ending
"I wish: Tokimeki no Mahou" by Uchida Maaya and Miyamoto Yume

Artists Voice
Shimono Hiro as Shinomiya Kyouya; Uchida Maaya as Amatsuka Mao; Miyamoto Yume as Amatsuka Megumi; Arakawa Chika as Kirara Bernstein; Mimori Suzuko as Sumeragi Shion; Uesaka Sumire as Kannazuki Tamaki

Fujiwara Yoshiyuki

Oshima Miwa


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