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Kantai Collection: KanColle

Genre: Action, Game, Sci-fi, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12

Rated: PG13

In a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the "deep sea fleet," the only hope are a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese warships.


# 1 Hello! Commander!
# 2 Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!
# 3 W Island Strategic Operation!
# 4 Now It’s Our Turn! Follow me!
# 5 Don’t Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!
# 6 Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas!
# 7 I Hate Carrier Group One!
# 8 I’m Not a Hotel!
# 9 Second Remodel-poi?!
# 10 Let’s Do Our Best!
# 11 Operation MI Begins!
# 12 Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing From Above!



A Destroyer KanMusu (Fleet Girl) and protagonist of the series. A newcomer to Chinjufu with no combat experience prior to transferring to the naval academy. She is assigned to the 3rd Torpedo Squadron.


An Aircraft Carrier from the 1st Carrier Division of the 1st Air Fleet. She is the pride of the fleet due to her past combat history, and an inspiration for Fubuki. Akagi engages enemy ships by firing arrows with her bow, which transforms into aircrafts piloted by fairies. She has a ferocious appetite inspite of her appearance.


A Destroyer and the first KanMusu Fubuki meets. A classmate and roommate of Fubuki, she is also a member of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron.


A Destroyer with a laid back attitude who has a verbal tic. She is a member of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron and a roommate of Fubuki.


A Light Cruiser who enjoys night battles. She is the eldest sister of Jintsuu and Naka. She is a member of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron.


A Light Cruiser and flagship of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron. She is the sister of Sendai and Naka.


A Light Cruiser of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron. She prides herself as the idol of the fleet and is the youngest sister of Sendai and Jintsuu.


Artists Opening
"Miiro" by AKINO with bless4

Artists Ending
"Fubuki " by Nishizawa Shiena

Artists Voice
Uesaka Sumire as Fubuki; Fujita Saki as Akagi; Hidaka Rina as Mutsuki; Tanibe Yumi as Yudachi; Sakura Ayane as Sendai; Sakura Ayane as Jintsuu; Sakura Ayane as Naka

Kusakawa Keizo

Ide Naomi


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