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Samurai Flamenco


Genre: Action, Comedy
Episodes: 22

Rated: PG13

Male model Hazama Masayoshi decides to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, despite having no superpowers. He becomes the hero Samurai Flamenco and begins to fight crime in the name of justice. Police officer Goto Hidenori finds out about Samurai Flamenco and his real identity by a twist of fate, and this gets both of them into lots of trouble.


# 1 Debut of the Samurai Flamenco
# 2 My Umbrella’s Missing
# 3 Flamenco vs. Fake Flamenco
# 4 Idol Devastation
# 5 The Meaning of Justice
# 6 Capture Samumenco!
# 7 Changing the World!
# 8 The Army of Evil Attacks
# 9 Predetermined Quota
# 10 Final Battle at the Enemy Base!
# 11 From Beyond
# 12 Documentary! We Are the Flamengers!!
# 13 Night before the Deciding Match
# 14 The Destruction of Japan
# 15 Imitation Justice
# 16 Wandering Hero
# 17 Ultimate Prime Minister
# 18 Flamenco in Space
# 19 The Quiet Life
# 20 Boy we’ve met before
# 21 Teaching Love
# 22 Samurai Flamenco Naked


Hazama Masayoshi

He is a young man working as a model in a men's magazine. He admires heroes because his grandfther liked special filming heroes. He has stuffs related to heroes that his grandfather gave him on one side of his room. The debut of a new hero who can bring the world justice, 'Samurai Flamenco'. He is fighting the evil to bring justice to the world ...

Goto Hidemori

A policeman who is diligent in his work, but doesn't have a strong sense of justice. He finds out who Samurai Flamenco is one day, and his daily life has become busy and troublesome since. He claims to have a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, and routinely refuses jobs centered around Masayoshi's activities. He eventually comes to understand and respect Masayoshi's idea of justice, even though he does not completely agree with it.

Maya Mari

She is the center of Mineral Miracle Muse, the idol group with 3 members, and she has talents in writing song and lyrics. She is fun to hangout with, very outgoing, vibrant, and she admires heroes like Hazama does.

Misawa Mizuki

She is the leader of Mineral Miracle Mus. She is from Kansai. She is very staunch and kind, caring a lot about her group members.

Morita Moe

She is a member of Mineral Miracle Muse. She is shy and carefree. A high school student. Her English oddly sounds like that of a native's.

Ishihara Sumi

A skilled manager of celebrity 'Ceaser Pro'. Tries hard to make Masayoshi famous. Does not know that Masayoshi is a fan of special filming heroes.


Artists Opening

Artists Ending
"Date TIME" by Mineral Miracle Muse

Artists Voice
Masuda Toshiki as Hazama Masayoshi; Sugita Tomokazu as Goto Hidenori; Tomatsu Haruka as Maya Mari; M.A.O as Misawa Mizuki; Yamazaki Eri as Morita Moe; Nakamura Chie as Ishihara Sumi

Omori Takahiro

Yamashita Yoshimitsu


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